As a commodity circulation industry auto parts distribution


As a commodity circulation industry, auto parts distrib […]

As a commodity circulation industry, auto parts distribution has a well-known shortcoming, such as late start, poor foundation, low threshold and small scale. In the big situation of the explosive growth and development of the domestic automobile industry in the past few years, the auto parts circulation industry has not been developed at the same time, especially as a pillar industry in the national post-market, which has not received relevant national The department's full attention and support, although there has been a huge market size to date, it is in line with the needs of foreign counterparts and the current market in terms of development model, market orientation, business capability, management practices, personnel quality, and service capabilities. There is a big gap. Moreover, this gap is still expanding in many aspects, directly restricting the healthy development of China's vehicle market and the development of post-market service work.
As a traditional professional commodity circulation industry, the auto parts distribution industry is difficult to receive the attention of national policies and the support of financial funds, let alone focus on development and encourage support. As long as it meets the conditions for opening and closing business, it has basically no threshold. Therefore, since the beginning of the 1980s, most auto parts distribution companies have raised their own funds, how many investments they have, and they have been able to do so for several years, and they have fought themselves in the slow accumulation of primitives. Therefore, under the current situation of major changes in the market economy, relying on its own capabilities to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the overall development is difficult to achieve.
As the main part of the auto parts and cooperative private sector, the auto parts distribution industry has a root cause difference compared with other mature commodity circulation industries in China. Although there are many who are in the forefront, a certain size of distribution companies try to introduce advanced business models, attract investment companies to enter, take the road of joint venture and joint development, even at any cost, hire high-paying management talents; In terms of business capabilities, enterprises have begun to move closer to modern enterprises, taking the path of external guidance and endogenous two-pronged approach. However, as many root causes have not been resolved and deep-seated contradictions have become increasingly apparent, the lack of back-office management capabilities has made it difficult to achieve significant results, and there have been few successful examples. The traditional development concept, the original management method, the backward service consciousness and other "inferiority brought from the mother's womb" and the anachronistic values also deeply plague most of the auto parts distribution enterprises, affecting today's two generations of auto parts.