Both the drum and the disc brake technology


Both the drum and the disc brake technology were born a […]

Both the drum and the disc brake technology were born at the end of the 19th century. Strictly speaking, the drum brake was born a few years earlier than the disc type. Although the two appear similar time, the working principle is completely different.
When the drum brake is braking, the high-pressure brake oil of the brake cylinder pushes the piston, and exerts a force on the two half-moon brake shoes to press the inner wall of the drum to prevent the brake drum from rotating by friction. Dynamic effect. The disc brake is composed of air pressure as the power source, and the piston of the air chamber is subjected to the air pressure transmitted from the air tube, and the friction plate is urged to the brake disc to reach the deceleration brake.

Due to the special inherent structure of the drum brakes, the braking force is much greater than the disc type. The disc brake is different from the wrapped drum brake. The brake must rely on the vacuum booster. This brake cannot generate the self-amplification force. It must be assisted by the vacuum booster to generate enough braking force.

When the brakes are braked, the whole process is very smooth, the braking linearity is obviously superior to the drum brakes, and the ride comfort is also good, and the disc brakes can also cooperate with the electronic control system to realize the active safety control of the vehicle.