Brake system, the drivers who drive often know how important


Brake system, the drivers who drive often know how impo […]

Brake system, the drivers who drive often know how important the brake system of the car is to our drivers. The brake system of the car is often related to the safety of our car.

If the brake system fails during the driving process, drum brake the consequences can be imagined. Many traffic accidents occur every year due to problems with the brake system.

First: What is the brake system?

The brake system mainly makes the road surface exert a certain force on the wheels of the car, which causes the car to brake.

The main role is reflected in two aspects:

One is to ensure that the car can slow down or stop at the driver's wishes.

The second is to make the car more stable and non-slip when parking.

The brake system of a car mainly refers to a set of devices in which a series of automobile parts are installed and used in order to brake the car. Generally included brake pedals, brake master cylinders, brakes, boosters, etc.

Second: the brakes will be divided into drum brakes and discs.

There are two types of brakes, one is a drum brake and the other is a disc brake.

Drum brake, which is a more traditional type of brake, mainly composed of a brake wheel cylinder, a brake drum, a brake shoe, a friction plate and the like.

The drum brake is used when the driver pushes the brake, and the brake shoe is pushed outward by the piston to brake the friction plate and the brake drum.

In fact, this is well understood. The brake drum is like a bucket rolling, and the brake pads, that is to say the friction plates, are in contact with the inner wall of the cup, and the friction can make the barrel not roll, only to slide, and thus The ground creates friction to achieve the effect of braking.