Car safety brakes, pay attention to the quality of brake drums


Car safety brakes, pay attention to the quality of brak […]

Car safety brakes, pay attention to the quality of brake drums

Nowadays, the automobile industry is developing rapidly, not only reforming and innovating, but also developing new energy vehicles. It is also making the previous models very impressive. However, the quality of automobiles is also uneven. As one of the main means of transportation for modern people, the automobile must not only ensure the increase of production, but also strictly control the quality and safety of automobiles.

To improve quality and safety, we must start from the manufacturing equipment of key components. As one of the essential parts of the car, the brake drum is a detailed explanation of how to improve the quality of the car to ensure the safety of the car. Dynamic balancing machine

To understand how to improve the quality of the brake drum, it is necessary to understand the working principle and structure of the brake drum. In fact, the drum brake works by using the brake transmission mechanism to cause the brake shoe to press the brake lining against the inside of the brake drum, thereby generating braking force, and decelerating the wheel or stopping within a short distance as needed to ensure Driving safety and ensuring that the car is parked reliably cannot be automatically slipped.

In fact, after the working surface of the brake drum is assembled with the hub, it needs to be positioned by the bearing hole for finishing. The requirements for roundness and coaxiality tolerance of the working face of the mini-car are ≤0.03mm, the radial runout is ≤0.05mm, and the static unbalance is ≤1.5N/cm. Therefore, if you want to achieve the above performance indicators, you need to achieve through the brake drum balancer.

If the brake drum detects an unbalance in the rotating state, it is necessary to remove the quality that affects its balance according to the standard, which is what we call deduplication. Subsequent re-balancing detection is required to achieve the specified brake drum accuracy level.