Waste tire resource comprehensive utilization project Environmental impact assessment


First, Project Name: Comprehensive Utilization Project […]

First, Project Name: Comprehensive Utilization Project of Waste Tire Resources

Second, Project Overview: Liaoning Slite Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Beacon City, Liaoyang City. It leases the existing comprehensive construction of waste tire resources in the existing site of the Auto Parts Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 160 million yuan. The land area is 100 mu and the total construction area is 23,000 m2. The main products are rubber oil, fine carbon black, steel wire and flammable gas. The annual output is 10,000 tons, 63,000 tons, 21,600 tons and 14,400 tons respectively, of which flammable gas is used by itself.

Third, the construction unit and contact information: Liaoning Slite Rubber Co., Ltd., Zhenggong 15546006888.

Fourth, the name of the environmental impact report preparation unit: Liaoning Yujie Environmental Consulting Co., Ltd., Zhougong 024-64662011.

Fifth. Network link to the public comment form: http://www.eiabbs.net/thread-189469-1-1.html.

Sixth. Ways and means of submitting the public opinion form: The feedback information is provided through the construction unit, the consultation telephone of the evaluation agency, and the public opinion form. The network link of the public opinion form is as follows: http://www.eiabbs.net/thread- 189469-1-1.html. The public can comment during the preparation of the report draft.