Demand for wire control systems will increase significantly


Demand for wire control systems will increase significa […]

Demand for wire control systems will increase significantly

Geely Automobile According to foreign media reports, Brembo believes that the electric vehicle transformation will lead to a substantial increase in the demand for brake-by-wire systems.

Unlike traditional hydraulic brake systems, the line control system can be used for all hybrid and electric vehicles currently on the market. Similar to the electric steering system, the line control system allows the vehicle manufacturer to customize the sense of control, drum brake vehicle response and vehicle settings according to the driver's preference.

Giovanni Canavotto, executive director of Brembo brake systems, said that the demand for wire control systems is continuously increasing. Canavotto said: "In the next decade, the electric brake system will become a major trend in the industry. The line control system provides the company and the car company with the flexibility of precise debugging."

He said: "The company has served the Formula 1 racing team for many years. In future vehicles, the brake control system can be customized according to the driver, bringing them different braking feelings (hard or soft braking, soft Or firm feel) can also shorten or extend the pedal travel, somewhat similar to the suspension and steering systems provided."

Canavotto said: “Most car companies have expressed their willingness to realize the electric transformation of the entire vehicle (except for the powertrain system). The wire control and actuation system does not depend on the motors in the transmission power system. automotive brake Therefore, our company does not need a 48V system. Support and support."

Brembo has foreseen a slow transition from hydraulic brake systems to line control systems in the industry. Canavotto believes that the industry's products will transition from drum brakes to disc brakes, although this situation is not yet clear.

Canavotto said: "The company is working on algorithms because the electrical systems often show on/off features. There is still a lot of work to be done on the braking experience. In the future, the wire control system will provide many advantages. :Compared to the hydraulic brake system, the electric signal of the former is more controllable and the vehicle architecture is also simplified