If the steady fuel consumption suddenly increases


If the steady fuel consumption suddenly increases, many […]

If the steady fuel consumption suddenly increases, many people will suspect that the car is aging, or because of their driving habits, they will not consider the auto parts at all. In fact, many auto parts will become the culprit of fuel consumption Auto accessories if they fail. The culprit, the fuel consumption suddenly increased, it is very likely that these five parts have failed!


If the tire pressure is unstable, insufficient air pressure will cause the contact area between the tread and the road surface to be too large. Increased friction will lead to increased fuel consumption. At the same time, it will accelerate tire wear and reduce tire life. If the air pressure is too high, there is a risk of puncture. In the middle should develop the habit of checking the tires, once the fuel consumption rises, first consider whether the tires are out of order.

Intake system

When the exhaust back pressure is reduced, the low torque will drop, the engine exhaust valve will be easily burned due to the ultra-high temperature, the torque consumption will be suddenly increased, and the symptoms such as acceleration and weakness will be accompanied by cleaning the air filter. Maintaining the intake system also reduces fuel consumption.

Spark plug

The quality of the engine can be judged by whether the gasoline is fully burned. This has a great relationship with the spark plug breakdown voltage. The spark plug is poorly ignited, which is easy to cause the car to start difficult. If the gasoline is not fully burned, the fuel consumption will increase. If the above problems occur, it should be timely. Replace the spark plug.

lubricating oil

Many people wonder what the lubricating oil has to do with fuel consumption. Too much lubricating oil will cause the oil to participate in the combustion. The combustion of the combustible gas is insufficient, resulting in waste of fuel and fuel consumption. The lubricating oil is too small, the engine friction is increased, and the power is reduced. The lubricating oil must be kept at a normal level. Too much or too little will cause an increase in fuel consumption.


If the engine carbon deposit is serious, it will lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Carbon deposition is not formed overnight. It requires a long process. Once the carbon accumulation is serious, it will be difficult to clean up. At that time, not only the fuel consumption will increase, but also the engine failure will be seriously caused. It may even be scrapped.

When your car's fuel consumption suddenly rises, after driving reasons and age, it is necessary to consider whether these five accessories have failed.