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  For over 25 years, CAPA has set the standard for trul […]

  For over 25 years, CAPA has set the standard for truly, high quality replacement parts. Recognized worldwide for both the rigor of its fully transparent standards and for the dramatic improvements it has brought about in the quality of parts meeting its requirements, CAPA has now developed a legitimate means for manufacturers to demonstrate the functional equivalency of their radiators to car company brand parts. Here’s what we did and why we did it.During the past year, Certified Auto Parts Association (CAPA) parts have excelled in Collision Industry Conference (CIC) testing. The results of the most recent CIC test were less positive. Two CAPA parts, which were certified in 1996, do not meet today’s strict certification standards.“While these results are disappointing, they prove an extremely important point,” said CAPA President Butch Viccellio. “Parts that have successfully passed CAPA’s new vehicle test fit produce better results.”In March of 1999, CAPA added an extensive vehicle test fit component to its certification process, which measures how well parts fit on the car. This test is conducted only after parts pass rigorous material, construction, corrosion and appearance tests.At CAPA, we’re often asked to describe how certified parts compare to car company parts.


The term we use is “functionally equivalent.” We chose this term because we think it best describes how CAPA certified parts relate to the car company parts they replace. Simply put, CAPA certified parts should perform the same as car company brand parts in every significant aspect. This includes fit, finish, strength, material content, corrosion protection and more. We believe that the difference between a CAPA certified part and a car company brand part should be invisible to both the repairer and consumer.While competitive crash parts and CAPA have been the focus of many articles in the trade press, there’s lots of news about CAPA that hasn’t been reported. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of people, representing many industry segments, who’ve made the decision to focus on quality, there’s lots of good news about CAPA. Here are some of the things that have had a very positive impact on the marketplace and consumers. If you’ve been part of the vast and varied team that has been working to help ensure quality competition, these are some of the fruits of your labor:After trying every other way to play the game, after closing plants, trimming staff, redesigning production plans and squeezing dollars here and there, Jay Hedges is trying another tack.


Armed with details about the metal clamps made at his Galesburg plant, he is headed for Europe, hoping to find customers who will help rescue his small auto-parts company from the fierce competition and great uncertainty at home. "Anyone who sees the short-term future for the (U.S.) auto industry would not like...By Ros Krasny WASHINGTON, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Japan's Bridgestone Corp has agreed to plead guilty and to pay a $425 million criminal fine for its role in a conspiracy to fix prices on certain automotive parts, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Thursday. The case involved anti-vibration rubber parts sold in the United States and elsewhere to Toyota Motor Corp, Nissan Motor Corp, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, Suzuki Motor Corp, Isuzu...A 45-foot-long white trailer filled with auto parts was stolen from a freight yard in the 5700 block of West Ogden Avenue in Cicero. Police said the parts were intended to be delivered to a company in Mexico.Suited up in crimson soccer togs, eager to join his company's weekly match at an indoor arena in Hoffman Estates, Chinese business executive Pin Ni took a few minutes to reflect on his latest plunge into unknown waters. Two decades ago, he led China's largest auto-parts-maker into the Chicago region, establishing a sprawling U.S. beachhead for the company and making a name for himself as a trailblazer in the process.