The automobile brake disc is a rotating metal disc


The automobile brake disc is a rotating metal disc in t […]

The automobile brake disc is a rotating metal disc in the friction pair of the automobile disc brake. In addition to providing effective braking force, this device also has a heat dissipation function. If the high temperature resistance of a brake disc is too low, the high temperature generated during actual use will cause the brake disc to anneal and soften the disc surface. In this case, the damage is still not small. If it is light, the brake disc will be shaken, and the brake disc will be cracked and cannot be used. In order to improve the high temperature resistance of the brake disc, we can modify the brake disc of the car as follows.

The first modification is simple and rude, that is, it is replaced with a brake disc with better heat resistance. At present, the brake discs with this function mainly include three types of ventilating discs, perforated discs and scribing discs. Can be selected. The ventilating disc is thicker than the solid disc, and the hollow part is hollow. The airflow generated by its own rotation can realize the function of dissipating heat. However, when replacing the ventilating disc, we need to replace the caliper at the same time; the perforated disc is also a ventilated disc. One, but his surface is in the form of perforation, one is very cool, the second is to eliminate the brake powder to enhance heat dissipation, but the disadvantage is that the perforated disc is not used correctly (such as car wash at high temperatures) It is easy to crack and pose a safety hazard. The fourth type is carbon ceramic brakes. This cost is very high and needs to be used with special brake pads, but the theoretical life is several times better than conventional brake discs and the heat decay resistance is better.

Dashing disc, this is a very common modification method in the modified car. It is based on the form of the ventilated disc. The surface has a line. In fact, it is a groove. In fact, the most important use is The brake pad powder is removed more cleanly, but the disadvantage is that after a certain period of use, the groove of the scribe line will be smoothed, just like the ordinary ventilated disk, the life is relatively not so high.

Replace the large size brake disc. In this way, the surface area of the brake disc can be greatly increased, so that the frictional force is increased and the generated braking force is correspondingly increased. This modification is the most thorough and cost-effective modification, because the entire supporting system has to be adjusted accordingly as the size of the brake disc changes, so it is more troublesome and costly. Switching to high-temperature brake pads can improve the braking performance during frequent braking, which not only increases driving pleasure, but also improves driving safety.