The brake disc is a shiny silver disc on the car with a disc brake system


The brake disc is a shiny silver disc on the car with a […]

The brake disc is a shiny silver disc on the car with a disc brake system. Due to the intense wear, the brake disc can be bent into its original shape, mainly due to overheating during braking, which exceeds the braking capacity of the disc.

The deformed brake disc is not flat at all angles but has a raised, lowered or raised surface. The brake clutch and brake pad have the function of tightening the brake disc to stop the car and unable to grasp the deformation of the brake disc. So, the shaking appeared.

If you can't use smart wrenches, it's best to be able to meet experts in this field who can tell you the brake disc or drum brakes on your brake drum).

Often, you will feel your car vibrating directly through the steering wheel. Under very reasonable conditions, the link problem may be the culprit. But car experts often offer other suggestions.

One or more wheels may be overloaded or shaken on their own axis. The diagnosis and treatment of this case is very complicated because it may outline some problems. First, let us assume that each wheel is mounted on the axle with a suitable torque wheel.

With this in mind, the vibrating wheel solution may require replacement of the wheel bearings. In most modern cars, wheel bearings are used to extend the life of a car or truck. But as you know, if you accept that your car is in a worse state than normal (difficult to drive, fuel efficient), the bearing is impossible and not new. .

Another thing to watch out for is "skewed bread." This is a term used to describe the deviation of the wheel from perfect rotation when the wheel is rolling. Wheel technicians use precision tools to determine if the deviation on any wheel exceeds 1.27 centimeters (half inch). Most, but not all, solutions are a new wheel.