The brake disc is one of the most important safety components in the car


The brake disc is one of the most important safety comp […]

The brake disc is one of the most important safety components in the car. The rotating brake disc and the brake pad rub against each other to generate a braking force, which acts to slow down or stop.

Due to the difference between the vehicle use environment and the driver's driving habits, the wear condition of the brake disc and the actual replacement period are also different. The brake disc wear limit should be replaced in time according to the vehicle inspection result.

With the rapid development of highways, the increase of vehicle speed and the increasing traffic density, driving on the road, the speed of the vehicle should be controlled at any time.

In order to ensure safe driving and reliable parking, the reliability of the brake system of the car is becoming increasingly important. Safety issues, every car owner must pay special attention, do not suffer from small losses, causing serious consequences.

When the owner encounters an emergency and brakes on the brake pedal, the brake oil in the oil pipe is pushed. Finally, the brake oil is pushed to the brake caliper, so that the brake caliper squeezes the brake disk to form a braking force, and finally reaches the deceleration or The effect of parking. Therefore, the brake disc is the final link of the final "squeezed" to form the braking force, and its importance can be imagined.

Whether driving on slippery roads in snow or snow, or driving in a city with heavy traffic, the owners must ensure that the braking system of the vehicle they are driving is working properly during all driving times. Because the brakes are subjected to temperatures as high as 800 to 1000 degrees on a downhill road, the average pressure is as high as 15,000N.