The brake drum is the basic part of the vehicle wheel brakes


The brake drum is the basic part of the vehicle wheel b […]

The brake drum is the basic part of the vehicle wheel brakes and is generally made of 14 or 18 gray cast iron or malleable cast iron. The damage of the brake drum is mainly due to the wear and deformation caused by the friction of the brake lining and the brake drum. Especially when the rivet head of the brake lining is outcropped, or when the brake enters a hard material such as sand, the brake drum wears more severely. Brake drumThe wear caused by such a hard material causes grooves and strains around the brake drum, and the brake drum is scrapped about 30% of the overhaul period or more because the inner diameter wear exceeds the limit size Φ 424 mm. If the vehicle is overloaded and travels on a mountain road, the wear of the brake drum is accelerated by the frequent use of the brakes, and the rounding and taper may occur, resulting in early scrapping.

The reason why the brake drum is cracked is that the brake drum exceeds the use limit size due to wear, and after a plurality of boring operations, the drum wall is thinned, and cracks are generated under the action of load stress. When the inner diameter of the brake drum exceeds the limit of use, the vehicle will wading immediately after the heavy load is downhill or downhill, which will cause the brake drum to contract rapidly after the high temperature, automotive brakecausing the brake drum friction surface to crack along the axial direction. It should be pointed out here that some units are used after the brake drum and the inner diameter have exceeded the limit of use. It is very dangerous to add a metal plate to the brake shoe to increase the thickness of the brake lining.

Every time the secondary maintenance of the vehicle, the brake drum should be disassembled, and the shoe and brake drum should be cleaned. If the brake drum is found to have cracks during the cleaning inspection, it should be resolutely replaced.

Brake drum laceration, the cause of damage is mostly caused by poor brake drum material and insufficient strength.