The brake system is one of the most important components of a car


The brake system is one of the most important component […]

The brake system is one of the most important components of a car. Hyundai's brake system is mainly divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. There are a lot of incorrect opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of braking methods, and some businesses will steal some concepts to mislead consumers. Today we will introduce you to the two main braking systems of the car, helping you to get rid of the misconceptions and recognize the truth in dazzling advertisements.

Drum brakes, generally drum brakes consist of a rotating part, a fixed part, an actuating part and a positioning adjustment device. It consists of brake base plate, brake sub-pump, brake shoe and other related connecting rods, springs, tip nails and brake drums. Currently only used in the rear wheel.

Drum brakes can be regarded as the earliest brake system, and it has been nearly a hundred years old in the car. The so-called "drum" is the brake drum, which is mounted on the wheel and rotates with the wheel. A special brake pad is installed inside the brake drum. When a braking action occurs, the brake cylinder piston pushes the brake pad outward to generate friction with the brake drum to achieve the purpose of braking.

The drum brake has a cast iron piece shaped like a tambourine, called a brake drum, which is fixed to the tire and rotates at the same speed. The disc brake has the advantages of better reactivity and stability, better heat dissipation and easy replacement. Drum brakes have lower cost and higher absolute braking force and are used more in the rear wheels of small cars. However, its wear rate is high, so the overall cost is high.

The biggest advantage of drum brakes is that the brake drum diameter is much smaller than the brake disc diameter of the disc brakes when the same brake torque is obtained. Large trucks, large buses and other large vehicles require a large amount of braking torque, and the space inside the hub is very limited, so their brake systems generally use drum brakes. In addition, the drum brake has a simple structure, a low manufacturing cost, and is easy to install a hand brake mechanism. Therefore, drum brakes are also used in the rear wheels of low-end front-wheel drive small cars.