The consumption of auto parts has a certain regularity.


The consumption of auto parts has a certain regularity. […]

The consumption of auto parts has a certain regularity. According to the driving mileage, the car has various levels of maintenance and repair regulations, and various types of repairs need to be exchanged for several types of accessories. For example, when the car is in the normal service life, the damage of the spare parts is random and sporadic. If the design and manufacturing quality is good, the damage rate is generally low. Another example is that the piston is usually replaced when the engine is overhauled. If the average overhaul mileage of a new engine is 240,000 kilometers, then about half of the engine needs to be replaced before the mileage. Therefore, by grasping the regularity of vehicle parts consumption, we can take active distribution measures according to market and user needs.

In recent years, some changes have taken place in the law of the consumption of accessories:

Auxiliary assembly replacements are added. The auxiliary assembly parts that are frequently replaced during maintenance include distributors, air compressors, generators, starters, water pumps, gasoline pumps, brake shoes, clutch friction plates, and the like. In the event of failure of the auxiliary assembly, most of the users are required to replace the new assembly, and the old parts are replaced with spare parts for maintenance. Correspondingly, the consumption of spare parts that make up these auxiliary assemblies is drastically reduced.

Large use of assemblies and kits. For example, the piston with a ring with a pin, the piston with a ring with a pin and with a connecting rod, finished into various repair dimensions, installed crankshaft bearing, etc., more and more favored by users and repairmen. Corresponding such single or unprocessed varieties suffer from cold reception.

Seals that must be replaced during vehicle maintenance, such as clutches, brake master cylinders and brake cylinders, aprons, oil seals, and gaskets such as cylinder head gaskets and oil pan gaskets. A variety of repair kits, usually made in a centralized package, are especially popular with users and repairers.