The secrets of the brake system Disc brakes and drum brakes


The secrets of the brake system Disc brakes and drum br […]

The secrets of the brake system Disc brakes and drum brakes

Many consumers will have a question when buying a car, especially compact cars and small cars. How can the rear brakes be differentiated according to specific models? And after further understanding of the basics, consumers will reach a conclusion Auto accessories that disc brakes are much more advanced than drum brakes. Drum brakes are basically poor performance, backward technology, low cost, and low-end vehicles. Synonymous, then drum brakes are really unbearable? Or is the disc brake really higher than the drum brake? Mr. Chung talks about the disc brakes and drum brakes.

The difference between disc brakes and drum brakes

The appearance of the disc brakes and drum brakes we all understand, in fact, the principle is basically no difference with the bicycle brake system, and disc brakes and drum brakes the biggest difference is in different ways and brakes. First talk about drum brakes, which are drum brakes. The working principle of the drum brake is simply to go outside the top, through the two brake shoes against the brake drum to prevent the brake drum connected to the wheel rolling smoothly, so that the wheel slows down or brake. Because of the different forms of the brake shoes, there are also many kinds of brake drums that are subdivided. These include leading hooves, double hoofs,drum brake  and so on. Many of them were used for high-end cars, but now they are basic. Also slowly withdraw from the stage of history. Now talk about disc brakes in the simplest language.

Disc brakes are actually the same as common bicycle V-brakes or disc brakes. The principle is simpler and it is clamped. The brake disc is clamped by two or more brake pads on the caliper. Do not allow the wheels connected to the brake discs to roll smoothly, allowing the wheels to slow or stop. In fact, there are many disc brakes deformation, such as some models in order to parking (that is, handbrake) is more convenient to avoid redesigning the brake system, it uses a combination of drum brake drum, need to use the built-in drum when parking Brakes, pulling the brake shoe through the cable to achieve the effect of parking brake. Many rear models now use this type of rear brake structure.