There are two types of service brakes


There are two types of service brakes, one is the disc […]

There are two types of service brakes, one is the disc brake (the brake is clamped from the side for braking), and the other is the drum brake (the two friction plates are clamped up and down to brake), but no matter which one They use friction to slow down the car. The parking method of the parking brake is determined according to the type of service brake. If it is a drum brake, there are two friction plates inside. When you hold the handbrake, the two friction plates will clamp the axle and the car will not move. It is. The disc brakes directly lock the axle, making the car unable to move, but no matter which one, their parking effect is the same. This is the difference between them.
The traditional mechanical handbrake uses a wire pull wire to control the brake. This braking principle is somewhat similar to a bicycle brake, except that the mechanical hand brake on the car has to control the hydraulic and pneumatic systems before controlling the brake shoes.
Mechanical hand brakes should pay special attention to the following points when parking:

1, can not pull too tight. Excessive stretching of the metal wire or stretching for a long time accelerates the deformation and aging, resulting in looseness of the handbrake or breakage of the wire. The correct way is to pull up the handbrake until the rear wheel is locked and then lift up 1, 2 grids to ensure that you don't slip.

2, do not hold the hand brake for a long time ramp. Long-term ramp parking, parking by hand brake will accelerate the wear of the hand brake cable. The correct way is to park the car with the hand brake after parking, and then put a brick and the like on the front edge of the wheel facing the bottom of the slope, release the hand brake to transfer the force to the wheel and then pull up the handbrake.

3. Do not pull the handbrake after snow and ice and after washing in winter. After the snow and ice road in winter, the handle brake may be frozen by the snow, causing the vehicle to be unable to drive. In addition, when washing a car in winter, be careful not to pull the handbrake, you can use the gear or brick instead of the hand brake to park.