What are the advantages of disc brakes and drum brakes?


What are the advantages of disc brakes and drum brakes? […]

What are the advantages of disc brakes and drum brakes?

In terms of braking force, the drum brake force is much larger than the disc type, not because the drum brake technology is more advanced, but because of its inherent structural characteristics. In the drum brake system, there is a metal object that looks like a drum, which is the core component of the drum brake, and the drum brake is named after it.

Two sets of brake shoes are set in the brake drum. drum brake When we press the brake pedal, the driver's power is transmitted to the brake shoes, and the semi-arc U-shaped brake shoes on both sides are pushed to make The expansion is squeezed outward and the brake shoe is pressed against the brake drum. At this time, strong friction occurs between the brake drum and the brake shoe to achieve a braking effect.

The disc brake must rely on the vacuum booster, which is different from the drum brake. The brake components of the disc brake can be visually seen from the outside. It will move with the movement of the wheel and keep the wheel in sync. , equivalent to the brake drum in the drum brake.

When we step on the brake pedal, the hydraulic device transmits this force to the brake caliper, and the brake caliper clamps the brake disc tightly, and the friction is generated by the friction between the brake disc and the brake caliper. the goal of.

Such a brake device cannot generate a self-expansion force by itself, so that the light itself is insufficient to obtain an effective braking force, and it must be assisted by a vacuum assist device to generate sufficient braking force.