What is the difference between a disc brake and a drum brake?


What is the difference between a disc brake and a drum […]

What is the difference between a disc brake and a drum brake?

With the widespread use of disc brakes in cars, drum brakes are more automotive brake likely to appear on large vehicles such as trucks or buses.

Disc brakes are also called disc brakes. They consist of brake discs, brake calipers, brake pumps, tubing, etc. The pressure of the hydraulic oil is transmitted to the brake caliper and the brake disc is clamped when the brake is braked, thereby converting the kinetic energy into Heat stops the car. Its advantage is that the heat dissipation of the brake disc is better because it is directly exposed to the air to be air-cooled, the heat attenuation is good, and the braking effect is stable. At the same time, its disadvantages are the higher cost, the brake performance is not as good as a drum brake, and it requires a lot of power, and the power of the driver's foot alone cannot reach the required braking force.

Therefore, it is difficult to step on the brake pedal after extinguishing the engine.

The drum brake is also called a drum brake. It is composed of a brake drum, a brake shoe, a return spring, a positioning pin and the like. When the brake is applied, the wheel cylinder piston pushes the brake shoe to press the brake drum to generate a friction force, thereby decelerating the vehicle. It is because of this structure that the drum brake can generate additional braking force and has a self-energizing effect, so the required assist force is smaller.

In addition, the drum brake has a simple structure and low production cost, can generate a large braking force, and has better performance than a disc brake.

Therefore, drum brakes are widely used in large vehicles.

However, its disadvantages are poor heat dissipation and obvious thermal decay, so large trucks will water the brakes when they are downhill.
Drum brake is the exclusive cheap car? Brake dru Disc brakes and drum brake what is the difference?

Although more and more cars use disc brakes, drum brakes have not been eliminated due to their own advantages and characteristics. Therefore, each has its own advantages and applicable fields.

For example, drum brakes are used on many pure electric cars because they have a return spring that does not require extra energy to separate the brake disc from the brake caliper.