Whenever a new car goes on the market


Whenever a new car goes on the market, in addition to t […]

Whenever a new car goes on the market, in addition to the price, people will pay attention to their performance and configuration first. Among them, the brake system, the professor often hears that the performance of the disc brakes is better than the automotive brake drum brakes. Models and manufacturers equipped with front wheel disc brakes and rear wheel brakes are not kind. Is that really the case?

Principle: Simply put, the so-called "drum" of the drum brake is the brake drum, which is mounted on the wheel and rotates with the wheel. Brake pads are installed in the brake drum. When braking, the brake piston will push the brake pads outward to generate friction with the brake drum to achieve the braking effect.


1. Simple structure, low manufacturing cost, low price, and convenient to match the hand brake parking system.

2. Strong braking force, single braking force release effect is good, there is automatic braking when the brake is lightly pressed, and the braking force is automatically enhanced, and the braking force of the drum brake of the same size is greater than that of the disc brake.

3. The sealing function of the drum brake has the ability to resist the entry of sand and gravel into the braking system, and the reliability is higher when walking on the rotten road.


1. The heat dissipation is poor, and the high-frequency brake is easy to thermally attenuate, which affects the braking effect.

2. The closed structure is not conducive to the owner's self-test.

3. The braking force is not linear, the braking force is not easy to control, and the comfort is poor.

Although drum brakes appear earlier, they do not necessarily mean that performance is not as good as disc brakes. The existence is reasonable. This is also the reason why it has not been eliminated except for its low cost. For example, a chestnut, heavy vehicles such as trucks. The bus has higher requirements on braking force. Because their wheel size is limited by the overall size of the tire, the size cannot be too large. At this time, the drum brake can obtain sufficient braking force even if the size is small, but if the disc brake is used, In order to achieve the same braking force, the size of the brake disc and the brake caliper must be large, which is inevitably unacceptable when the overall design of the vehicle. In addition, most of the rear wheel disc brakes of the hand brake system of the passenger car are also installed in the brake disc of the rear wheel to install a small brake drum, which is the advantage of the large braking force and high locking strength of the drum brake.