With the advancement of technology, the various functions


With the advancement of technology, the various functio […]

With the advancement of technology, the various functions of the car are no longer a single individual, and the brakes are no exception. In addition to completing the basic functions, it also has more missions. For example, ABS, ESP functions require a high response capacity of the brake system. Many times, high-frequency brakes are required to release the brake system, and the drum brakes are no longer suitable for this work.drum brake For example, handbrakes, traditional handbrakes are gradually being replaced by electronic parking (EPB). Nowadays, more and more rear wheels of the car use integrated calipers, which integrates the service brake with the parking brake, so that the drum brake that used to function as a hand brake can be useless. Similarly, and many of the functions derived from this, drum brakes are not able to continue their studies because of structural limitations.

Cheap price is the last word

When it comes to price, it is also a sensitive topic. Compared with ordinary disc brakes, drum brakes are cheaper due to mature technology and simple parts, so the price will be as low as a few hundred and as many as a thousand. And this part of the price reflects in the consumer terminal, the difference is even greater. For example, a car uses disc brakes, the price is more than 80,000, and the rear wheel brakes, it suddenly pulled into the 70,000 range, and even 69,900 this more eye-catching price. For a chestnut, Beijing Hyundai Rena, the model with disc brakes sold for 88,900, while the model with drum brakes sold for 73,900. Of course, this also includes other configurations, but its The effect of lowering the price range is unquestionable. For example, like Jetta and Santana, they are equipped with rear wheel brakes, which can further lower the price of the entry model. Therefore, another reason why the drum brakes are reduced to low-end vehicles is that the cost can be further reduced.

The car brakes have basically realized the configuration of the front and rear drums, and even some cars with slightly higher grades have achieved disc brakes before and after. With the development of China's automobile industry, the national standards have become increasingly strict on the braking performance of automobiles. On some commercial vehicles, the front and rear drums, and even the front and rear discs, have begun to appear. GB7258-2012 (implemented on September 1, 2012) clearly states that the front wheels of special school buses and dangerous goods transport vehicles and the front wheels of other passenger cars with a length greater than 9m should be equipped with disc brakes.